SPS Advantage


Freedom of Pace Learning

Generally there are three types of learners that is fast learners, average learners and slow learners. Through the extensive use of PROJECT-WAY OF CLASS ROOM TEACHING STRATEGIES, the children will be able to learn at their own pace.

Value Based Education

Children will be exposed to a vast variety of curricular and co-curricular activities to inculcate right values and manners.

Teacher- Taught Ratio

The ratio will be maintained at 1:20.


Outstanding, talented and fully qualified, as per C.B.S.E. rules, New Delhi.

Balanced Emphasis

There will be balanced emphasis on Academics and Curricular and Co-curricular Activities.

Montessori System

In the Nursery and the Montessori Classes, Montessori system will be followed which is the most effective system for that age group of children because it is based on CHILD ACTIVITY CENTRED LEARNING where the children are actively involved in the process of learning with the help of original Montessori equipment and teaching aides. Thus, it is going to be a joyful learning experience for the children where they would love to go to school.

Admission Open - Class Nursery to XI - 2022-2023