Our school


Producing young men and women , the future global citizens, with balanced and harmonious development of body, mind and soul is the mission of “Standard Public School”.


To establish the school’s culture by modelling the behaviors, attitudes, expectations & collaborations that support the social and emotional wellbeing of students.


We believe that every student, whatever their prior attainment, has a high level of academic potential, which will be realised with the appropriate time, motivation and support.


We believe that success is enabled by every student in engaging in an education that is personally challenging and individually supportive, which helps them discover and develop their passions. 


We believe that the emotional wellbeing of our students is vital, if we are to make our vision a reality.


We believe that reflection and a commitment to continuous improvement lead to success, growth and fulfilments, on a personal and school level.


We believe that the curriculum (in the widest sense) must inspire, motivate and engage the students, whilst holding firm to the highest international standards.


We believe that schools flourish when all members of the community feel empowered to genuinely lead themselves and others based on the guiding statements of the school.


We believe that relationships and effective communication are at the heart of successful education and are predicated on empathy and integrity at an inter-personal, community and global level.

Admission Open - Class Nursery to XI - 2022-2023