Inter house debate  competition

The smart way to keep  people  passive  and obedient  is to strictly  limit the spectrum  of acceptable  opinion, but allow  every lively debate with that spectrum , And the same  spectrum  could  be seen in the students of SPS in inter house debate  competition. 


Students  gave an excellent  presentation  of aptitude  through  their oratory  skills  on the topic " 21st century  an era  of deed  not greed " , in which Vansh agrawal secured  position  for the motion  and Ruchi Jain against  the motion. 


And in Hindi  debate the position was secured by Kuldeep  Singh for the motion  and Haniska kare against  the motion, the topic for the same was "देश की राजनीती साम्प्रदायिकता और व्यक्तिवाद पर टिकी हैं |"

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