Ad-Mad Show Competetion

The ad-filmmakers are formulating fresh ways of enticing the consumers to buy their products. The best way to persuade the consumer to buy the product of a particular brand, out of the numerous choices available in the market, is attractive advertisement. These advertisements familiarize kids with the latest products in the market and inculcate some good habits in them, such as, the ones related to dental hygiene. However, the ad-filmmakers should remember that the commercials can also have negative impact on people, especially the young children.

AD-MAD competition initiates a thinking process among children to be able to differentiate between numerous products available in the market. The inter house competition was held at SPS on July 19th 2017 to provide students a space to demonstrate their understanding of the media world of advertisements.

Houses created innovative advertisements on Fashion, Toiletries, Food and Mobile phones. The live advertisements had excellent input of humour along with a message. Each house presented a unique piece of performing art including language art and media literacy.

Top Ad maker was Thomas Cook house 
Three cheers to the spirit of houses!

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