Directors Message

Mr. Nripendra Jha
(Founder Director)

Today, the world has become a global village. Hence globalization of culture,commerce and trade and politics has become a reality. Therefore,schools must provide infrastructure and environment not merely for information and knowledge but for the education of the children so as to enable them to face the ramifications of globalization.
“Standard Public School ” being thoroughly aware of it, is going to provide an environment where children acquire global perspective though introduction to various cultures, civilizations and religions of the world.
Since equity in education is almost an impossible dictum, as long as physical, socio-economic, moral, religious, communal and gender disparities exist in society. Therefore the approach to education will be CHILD-CENTRIC. We at Standard Public School, strongly believe that every child has his or her individuality and personality based on innocence and as such every child’s individuality and innocence must be maintained by preserving the self respect and the dignity of each CHILD AS A CHILD. Hence, every effort will be made to provide a warm and welcoming attitude towards children so as to build a strong sense of mutual respect and admiration, without which no learning is possible.
It is our conviction that no teaching is possible. Hence, it will be our concerted effort to shift the emphasis and focus from teaching to learning, based on the activities of the child where the child is actively involved in the process of learning by doing. As every point of learning the child will be admired and praised so that the child develops the sense of self achievement, fulfilment, self-confidence and self esteem.
In keeping pace with the technological progress and the advent into the 21st century, the school has introduced Computer Aided Learning to make the teaching and learning process more effective.
Every effort will be made to keep alive the curiosity of the children because curiosity is the mother of all learning. Everything around the children is a thing of beauty and wonder igniting their curiosity, which impels them to explore and learn.

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