Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and counselling have always been the most important aspects of families and the societies through the ages. In the family, it was provided by the grandparents and in the society by the religious and social leaders. Today in the absence of joint family system and hence the absence of grandparents and the lack of right and reliable religious and social leaders and the complexity of life, it has become an extremely important responsibility of the schools to provide scientifically and psychologically expert guidance and counseling not merely to the students but to the parents as well as to develop healthy and friendly relationship between the parents and their children. Standard Public School is committed to providing well-equipped Guidance and Counseling Department, manned by an expert and highly qualified and experienced child psychologist.

The Guidance and Counseling Department will provide the following services:
  • Educational guidance.
  • Career Guidance.
  • Student Counseling, Parents Counseling.
  • Regular testing of aptitude, IQ, Interests and abilities.
  • Referral Cases : Investigation and Counseling.
  • Maintenance of the Cumulative record of the students.
  • Conducting Finishing classes.
  • Organizing Workshops/Seminars for the students.
  • Organizing Educational Tours.