Examination and Evaluation Scheme

A test of knowledge and ability is an important and integral part of academics. To evaluate the process of learning, Primary wing has a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system. The assignments and unit tests are designed in a systematic manner to ensure complete recapitulation of knowledge.

Examination and Evaluation Scheme – Class VI-X

Education as a planned endeavour, should aim at making, children capable of becoming active, responsible, productive and caring members of the society. It is, therefore, deemed essential that is must promote and nourish as wide a range of capacities and skills in the learners as possible. It is with this mission that the CBSE has brought about a paradigm shift from “Teaching to Test” to ‘Holistic Assessment’. The Examination and Evaluation system being adopted by the school for Class VI-X is based on the guidelines of CBSE. The entire academic session will be divided into two terms spanning from April to September and October to March.