Mission, Motto & Emblem

Mission Statement
Producing young men and women, the future global citizens, with balanced and harmonious development of body, mind and soul.

School Motto
The school motto is an extract from the Sloka No. 1/3/28 from “BRAHADAARANYAKA UPANISHADA”.
It means:
Oh God! Lead me from the evil path to blessed one. Lead me to the effulgent light of knowledge from the darkness of ignorance to enlighten my soul. Lead me from mortality to immortality.

School Emblem
The Emblem or Monogram is a very powerful and meaningful expression of the motto. It has a book, which symbolizes the enlightening knowledge.
The small lamp is the source of the effulgent light of knowledge. The rays of knowledge spread the light in all the eight directions of globe (signified by the blue sphere), removing the darkness of ignorance and enlightening humanity.

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